Bohemian Bedding Sets India Style

Bohemian Bedding and India style décor are typically very bright coloured, often clashing with exotic and intricate designs and fabrics ranging from pure silk to rustic wool or cotton. Bohemian bedding has now taken on a new Boho Chic look as well.

For millennia Indian craftsmen have used naturally found materials to create dyes for their work. Most plant dyes need a mordant to fix the colour or even to achieve a variation in colour or shade from the same dye. Common mordants are vinegar, potash (from wood ash), stale urine, sumac, ammonia and tannin (from oak bark).

Indigo dye, from the leaves of shrubs in the Indigofera family, is used to create various shades of blues and purples, while Lac is extracted from Lacifer Lacca insects producing red or purple shades depending on the mordant used. Red, pink and orange can also be produced from the Madder root and yellow from the flowers of the Kamala tree. Himalayan Rhubard roots produce yellow and orange and Walnut bark brown.

Indian ladies, particularly from Rajasthan, are renowned for the wearing of bright coloured clothing including pinks and purples, reds, yellows and oranges and many fabrics are made in this area.

While natural elements such as trees, flowers, leaves and animals are often found in Indian style bohemian fabrics, block printing also originated in India, resulting in more regular patterns.

The Mandala is a common design used in BoHo and this circular pattern represents the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism.

All this means that you can buy Indian style bedding sets featuring the Mandala, elephants, trees and other colourful patterns which you can integrate with Indian rugs, wall hangings or tapestries, drawer knobs and much else and create the full Indian effect in your bedroom.

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